Keith Kamicar

Keith Kamicar has over 15 years' manufacturing experience in a wide range of industries including automotive and aerospace. His core competencies are: manufacturing engineering, understanding customer requirements, and adhering to quality specifications. Keith is a partner of Synergy Core Manufacturing and Director of Operations.

Nannette Coffey

Nannette Coffey has over twenty years' experience within manufacturing, including over seven year's experience with aerospace's AS9100 certification. Her core competency is utilizing technology to improve process flow within all aspects of business support, such as customer service, purchasing, production control, and accounting. Nannette is a partner of Synergy Core Manufacturing and the Director of Support Systems.

Devin Reich

Devin has over twenty years' manufacturing experience, which includes metal finishing, purchasing, scheduling, and logistics. He was formerly employed by Prototypes, Etc. and is now a part of the Synergy Core Manufacturing team as Metal Finishing and Logistics Lead.

Tom Sievers

Tom Sievers joined our team in February 2016. His manufacturing experience began in 1974 and developed to include CNC mill and multi-axis programming and machining. His skills include rapid prototyping and production optimization. By adding Tom's support and knowledge, we can provide more capacity and quicker turnaround.

Connor Anderson

Connor Anderson began his machining interests at Synergy Core in November 2016. He quickly helped improve our lean production culture. His CAD drafting knowledge has helped him branch into CNC mill machining. His support improves our manufacturing flexibility and throughput.

Noel Washburn

Noel Washburn joined our team in July 2017. Noel's experience started with CNC mill and multi-axis programming and machining. Earlier this year lathe machining became his focus, and he has dramatically improved our capabilities and efficiencies.